System Requirements

Use of HSEpathway requires a modern web browser. For best results, we recommend using a device no smaller than an Apple iPad mini— with a 7.9‑inch (diagonal) or larger screen and 1024×768 pixel or higher screen resolution

SkillsCOMPASS and GEDpathway products require a web browser and an 800×600 pixel or greater screen resolution, as well as Adobe Flash Player.

Note: Google has announced it will remove the setting that allows all Flash content to run on Chrome. It is expected that by mid-2019, the plugin will be disabled by default, but can be reactivated through browser settings until it is completely removed at the end of 2020, following Adobe's lead. Once blocked, SkillsCOMPASS and GEDpathway users will need to use Firefox, Safari, Opera or another browser to use SkillsCOMPASS and GEDpathway.

Safari, Firefox, and Opera continue to support Adobe products including Flash; however, newer versions will ship with Flash turned off as the default. To turn Flash on or to determine if you need to turn Flash on, please see: How to Enable Flash Player for Safari or How to Enable Flash Player for Opera for more information.

Please note: The Windows 10 update dated December 12, 2017 made changes to Microsoft Internet Explorer that may interfere with LearnScape services depending on your operating system. We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. If you encounter problems, we recommend you use Chrome or Firefox, available for download below.

Flash Player: Screen Resolution:

We recommend using one of the web browsers below.

                               Firefox                                      Chrome                                  Safari
                                (all products)                       (HSEpathway only)               (all products)