An Update on Privatization of the GED Test

Two years ago, we wrote about the privatization of the GED Test in the U.S. Today, we're writing to update readers on the continuing trend of increasing competition among test providers and the rapidly expanding use of multiple tests nationwide.  These changes affect students nationwide - and worldwide - who are preparing to sit for, and hopefully pass, their high school equivalency test.

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The Privatization of the GED Test

Up until 2013, the only nationally recognized high school equivalency test in the U.S. was the GED Test, developed and administered by a non-profit organization named the American Council on Education, or ACE, for short.  This test was used and recognized in all 50 states and internationally.

Starting in 2014, this landscape changed dramatically.

Announcing HSEpathway Lessons - Meeting the GED 2014

After much anticipation, we are happy to announce that the lessons for HSEpathway are ready.  The “High School Equivalency Pathway” is the next generation of LearnScape’s GEDpathway.  As current subscribers, following launch, your instructors and students will be able to access the updated lessons. 

GED 2002 Gets a Makeover

ACE and Pearson today announced the creation of a ground-breaking new business that will drive the future direction, design, and delivery of the GED® testing program.

LearnScape Moves to Cloud Infrastructure

With the cloud infrastructure we are providing our users with reliability, security, and efficiency.Cloud Infrastructure works with content that's available at a shared online location. All information is stored on an online network (which is referred to as "in the cloud") with the internet as point of access for our users.